Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Everything is a gift! Last month I woke up and experienced so much pain in my leg I could hardly stand looking down I saw a scary looking vein running up the whole inside of my leg! After internet searches, doctors appointments, blaming my parents (hereditary that's it - ahhhhh) no answer... A few days later it was my 28th birthday my besteez (best friends and sister crew) took me to the beach for an unforgettable weekend that I could not really enjoy as my leg pain consumed my mind. I first went victim, then became the observer and lastly the message came. A friend saw me limping around and said " I have a very intuitive friend who is a doctor blah blah blah she heals most thing with accupuncure and herbs." I was IN! My secret passion for healing arts was about to broaden... Cute as a button all 5 feet of her! Dr. Jean Marshall! How could G-d pack so much wisdom in such a small shell? This simple Chinese doctor was the perfect match for me at the perfect time! Not only did the pain go away immediately but the veins ghastly appearance began to vanish- but I later understood that I was not there for my vein... Although the first part of my lesson was surely to be more grateful for all of my body functions part two was that this woman would begin to treat me for anxiety and open my heart... I know that as humans our lifetimes are just a chapter in the long novels that are our souls life- all of our experiences are sentences and we cannot decode and understand all that g-d wants us to accomplish in our missions from a few lines but it will always be part of my spirituality and essence to ask, ponder and imagine.

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