Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Have you ever done anything you were not proud of? Or anything that really felt like - Wow how could I do that it was so not me!? Has anyone around you ever felt the consequences of being hurt by your mistake? If the answer is NO then I want to meet you as you are probably a saint! In all religions and faiths honoring your parents is a BIG DEAL. How does that work what if your mom hurt you as a child or your father never gave you a compliment and is an unemployed alcoholic! It works like this. We are all human and we make mistakes, we do the best we can with knowledge we have at the time. Once we make a mistake we can either learn from it rise up and never commit the same mistake twice - or we can commit the same mistake over and over again. Our parents are human too they do the best they can with what they know or what they learned from their parents. If we don't rise up and learn from their mistakes we too will be repeating their mistakes as well. Being a person who honors your parents no matter what will help you rise as a person. If your parents were "BAD" or "WRONG" then you too are if you cannot rise above and forgive them for everything. Practice this as your children will one day thank you, as children learn more from watching their parents than being told what to do and how to act.

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